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A small repo of M17 tools, testing, etc to be broken out when needed.

The libraries were getting big enough and mature enough to be broken out into their own repos:

  • pyM17 has a full M17 stack for RF and IP in Python3
  • libm17 has the beginnings of an M17 stack in C
  • web_m17_addr_calc is an M17 address calculator for the web.

This repo remains intended for testing and experimenting. provides a bad command line interface, and a playground/testground for development or learning.

Idea: SDR bridge. How many of our people have tx sdr? At least four, I think, but ask in IRC. I think other than me it's all hackrfs.

Look at later:

Ideas: Time server if gps and time are good enough, non-cooperative TDOA direction finding or rather, cooperative with other nodes but not with the one bad one make sure to demonstrate spoofing this too FHSS and other LPi types of things to avoid the TDOA direction finding :P wider-band for higher-speed data. query remote devices for location, speed, etc stun,kill,etc based on small private keys