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chirpc: CHIRP Command-line interface

CHIRP provides a CLI tool (chirpc) to interact with your radio and memory image files. It has been designed to be used from programs or scripts written in other languages, providing facilities for automating queries and transformations.

WARNING: All modifications are made in-place, overwriting the original file with new contents. Be sure to make a backup copy of any files that you want unchanged.

======== Cookbook

This section provides copy-and-paste recipies for accomplishing some tasks using the CLI.

List Radios

To see the list of supported names that can be passed to the -r/--radio option:

chirpc --list-radios

Download from Radio

To download a new image from your radio:

chirpc -r <radio> --serial=<port> --mmap=<file> --download-mmap

This will connect to the specified on , saving the image obtained from the radio into the specified .

Upload to Radio

To upload an existing image to your radio:

chirpc -r <radio> --serial=<port> --mmap=<file> --upload-mmap

This will connect to the specified on , loading the image in the specified onto the radio.

List Settings

For radios that support settings, you can list the current settings in a saved image:

chirpc --mmap=<file> --list-settings

Show Memory Channels

You can list all current memory channels in a saved image:

chirpc --mmap=<file> --list-mem

That command only lists the currently programmed channels. To see the complete list (including empty channels), add '--verbose'.

To view only a single channel, use the --get-mem option:

chirpc --mmap=<file> --get-mem <channel>

Set a Memory Channel

chirpc --mmap=<file> --set-mem-name=<name> ... <channel>

See the --help text for a complete list of options that can be used to configure the channel. Any settings that are not configured using a command option will be left unchanged.

Clearing a Memory Channel

You can clear a memory channel, discarding all settings:

chirpc --mmap=<file> --clear-mem <channel>

Copying a Memory Channel

You can copy a memory channel:

chirpc --mmap=<file> --copy-mem <source_channel> <destination_channel>

Note: The contents of <destination_channel> will be overwritten with the contents from <source_channel>