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Android api 21 results in gradle build errors with no solution in site. Targeting/installing android 21 instead solves this.

External Data

node www/js/bridge.js will provide the /faye endpoint for Digital Combat Simulator. Equivalents could be written for APRS, etc.

The DCS bridge was a quick PoC to see how easy it would be to add realtime external data.

Need a way to hook up buttons to external functions, like spawn aircraft here.

General "mode" tool capability - measure distances, set waypoints, modify waypoints, spawn/mark here, etc.

3d, understand altitude. Encode bank, pitch, in addition to heading proper airplane symbols

symbol timeouts for transients like flares - or just timeout non-updated icons after a while


Better ways to add markers, delete markers, clear markers. Can I attach that to a collection? Better way to slave a regular array to markers.getArray() If I add anything, I should actually write to markers and force a refresh of the slave

1.0: 1.1:

Draw a radar plot using heatmap capabilities? how does it do that, and how can i make my own version? ol.layer.heatmap weather forecast integration, weather radar integration for marker ordering, deletion, etc for popups and text input