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This is a python module providing a basic python interface to interact with a Hikvision IP Camera

This is licensed under the MIT license.

Getting started

Make sure to see the camera API guide

Some example usage:

>>> import hikvision.api
>>> cam = hikvision.api.CreateDevice( "", username="admin", password="PASSWORDHERE")
>>> cam.get("System/time.timeMode")
>>> cam.get("System/deviceInfo.deviceName")
>>> cam.set("System/deviceInfo.deviceName","notD03")
>>> cam.get("System/deviceInfo.deviceName")


module requires:

  • requests>=2.0


git clone --recursive
cd hikvision
# NOTE: You might need administrator privileges to install python modules.
pip install -r requirements.txt
pip install -e .



import hikvision.api

# This will use http by default (not https)
hik_camera = hikvision.api.CreateDevice('', username='admin', password='12345')

host *Required This is the IP address of your Hikvision camera. Example:

username *Required Your Hikvision camera username

password *Required Your Hikvision camera username


Add more functions


Copyright (c) 2015-2016 Finbarr Brady, Mike McGinty