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###Project Synopsis

Scripts for running calculations on CSV files. This API is regular expression based, so they should run on any valid CSV data.


  • Matlab

Note: Octave will NOT work, since they do not offer classdef support (yet).

###Build & Run

  1. Start Matlab (UMass Lowell faculty/staff/students can get a free license).
  2. Download the spreadsheet as a CSV, and place it in the [your-file-path]/FlaStats/res folder
  3. Using the file tree manager on the left, navigate to the FlaStats folder.
  4. Right-click the res folder and select "Add to path" --> "Selected Folders"
  5. modify the main.m file as desired (see the Overview section)
  6. In the command window, thpe "main" and press [ENTER]


  • FlaDat.m contains procedures for performing statistical analysis on CSV data. You should not change anything in this file unless you know what you are doing

  • main.m This is the script you may modify to customize/request specific calculations. Most of the functions take the same parameters; for example:

    % 'Hover time (seconds) from ANVIL' = the collumn containing the data
    % '_G'                              = the subset we want
    % false                             = the previous argument was a regular expression/substring, NOT an exact match
    % 'Resulting file name'             = the collumn to search for the previous subset argument
    meanHoverTime_Gv2 = flaDat.computeMean('Hover time (seconds) from ANVIL', '_G', false, 'Resulting file name');

    will calculate the mean of data in the "Hover time (seconds) from ANVIL" which is a "_G" run.

###Future Work

  • the example scripts are rather crude; will rewrite a much more elegent front. However this works for now.